Finding reliable Virginia roofing contractors is never easy!

Who are Topline Roofing, and what qualifies them to tell me what’s best for my all my roofing needs?

25 Years of Experience

That’s certainly a fair question. My name is Walter Zimmerman; I’m the owner of Topline Roofing & Restoration Systems, LLC.

For the past 25 years, my roofing company has performed many successful roofing projects. Our work has ranged from basic roofing repairs and restorations to roof replacements for entire shopping centers.

We have installed successful roofing projects in five different states, from New York to North Carolina, and we work with shingle roofing, flat roofing, metal roofing, aslphalt roofing and more. We have achieved an excellent reputation installing roofs for a wide range of property owners and companies just like yours.

Topline Roofing & Restoration Systems, LLC has installed high-quality commercial and residential roofing systems on all types of buildings:

  • Shopping centers
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Banks
  • Motels/hotels
  • Commercial warehouses
  • Restaurants
  • Apartment complexes
  • Factories
  • Churches
  • Residential

All these real estate owners and managers have something in common. They all got their roofing issues resolved quickly and easily at a fair price, by Topline, the best Virginia roofing company in the business.


Just how expensive is procrastination?

Please remember, it’s ether your money, or your company’s money, that is going to be wasted if you delay the inevitable.

Costly complaints that people have after trying to ignore their leaky roofs:

  • Lawsuits
  • Expensive insurance claims
  • Ruined merchandise and inventory
  • Damaged ceilings, floors and carpet
  • Deteriorated, weak sagging roof structure and decking
  • Mold, mildew and termites
  • Nasty smelly odor from wet/damp interior
  • Electrical fires
  • Expensive downtime for repairs and renovations
  • Angry dissatisfied customers, clients and tenants
  • Rapid overall depreciation of property value
  • Much wasted time and energy dealing with all these irritating issues

I’m confident that we are the best Virginia roofing contractors. Why are we right for you? Why would you even bother to call us?


See what our many satisfied, happy loyal customers are saying:

  • Very reliable
  • Always keep their promises
  • Offer different solutions for different problems
  • Fast response on repair issues
  • Affordable prices
  • Keep job sites neat and clean
  • Are willing to go over and beyond the call of duty
  • High quality workmanship
  • Listen to our concerns
  • Associates are caring and friendly
  • Handle unexpected problems with ease
  • Overall results-oriented service company

“Well that is really nice… but LOTS of Virginia roofing contractors claim all that stuff! Can you give us some proof and examples?”

Hey guess what? I couldn’t agree with you more! Yes we can give you lots of proof and examples.

Here are some genuine testimonials.

#1 “We have been doing business with Topline Roofing for over ten years, and we trust and respect all their workmanship and services that they provide. They have always kept all their commitments and went over and beyond the call of duty.”
Steve M

#2 “My company has been doing business with Topline Roofing for over 17 years, and have always responded promptly on all repair issues. They have provided fair competitive prices and have always been a trusted service provider for our company. Recently some ceiling tiles got damaged and they sent some associates to remove and replace the tiles, this was not their responsibility but they provided the labor and materials and did not charge us for this additional service. We are very grateful and would recommend them to anyone!”
David D

#3 “We have been doing business with Topline Roofing for over five years and they have done an exceptional job with the services they provide! Whenever we need more work done to any of our properties we call them and tell them to go ahead and schedule the work. We never shop around for other roofers. We recommend them to others all the time!”
Robert B

#4 “We own and manage several hundred shopping centers, Topline Roofing have provided excellent service and workmanship, their help is friendly and they really do take pride in in the service they provide. Topline Roofing has replaced entire shopping center roofs and also provided fast response on all service repair issues. We have recommended them for many other companies!”
Dan D

Contact Us For Full References and Free Inspections

Please call us for free estimate and consultation, Toll-free on 1-877-500-7155.

Please remember it’s your investment! Let Topline Roofing, the best Virginia roofing contractor, help you protect it.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Walter Zimmerman
Topline Roofing & Restoration Systems, LLC