Flat roof repair is one of the “joys” of being a commercial or industrial property owner. Just like tires on your car, flat roofs need to be carefully maintained if they are to continue protecting you.


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Tires are designed to help your car to steer and stop safely. Over time, they wear out, and no longer do their job so well. Eventually, your safety is at risk if you don’t address their decline.

The same is true of flat roofs. They do a great job at first, but without regular cleaning and maintenance, water can and will begin to work its way into your property through the roof.

Commonly, property owners contact us only when they have discovered a problem. By then, it’s usually too late for regular maintenance to address the issues, and a flat roof repair is often the only solution.


Leaking Roofs Are a Major Problem

There is nothing more damaging than water infiltration from a damaged roof. And it seems that most commercial and industrial properties have flat roofs. These are most commonly made from EPDM, aka rubber.

While these roofs are affordable to install initially, in the long term they do require maintenance, cleaning, repair, or even replacement.

Roof repair is a fact of life for property owners. Once your building’s roof is compromised, you are just costing yourself more money down the road by putting off that essential maintenance or flat roof restoration now.


With more than 25 years in the Virginia roofing industry, Topline has helped thousands of businesses like yours.

We’ve carried out all kinds of roof repairs or replacements:

  • Shopping centers
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Banks
  • Motels/hotels
  • Commercial warehouses
  • Restaurants
  • Apartment complexes
  • Factories
  • Churches

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Why Flat Roofs Need Repairing

Many contractors don’t install flat roofs properly. That is why so many flat roofs fail over time. Going with the cheapest quote may have seemed like you got an initial saving, but it not have been a wise move in the long run.

When properly installed, a flat roof should never allow water to pool on it; this encourages mold and mildew, and may eventually lead to rot and, you guessed it, water leaks.

Make a point of inspecting your roof after heavy rain, or other extremes of weather. If you see water pooling, moss, mildew or mold growing, or any other issues, then call us toll-free on 1-877-500-7155.

Often we can nip problems in the bud, and save you an emergency roof repair down the road.

Flat roof repair may be an annoyance, but Topline will ensure that it’s as painless as possible for you.